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The ''Explorathor'' technology :

With our modern technology it is now possible to built a new generation of robust , lightweight and fast aluminium vessels with optimum performance between 12 Knots and 45 Knots .

R.T.M.C.is the Canadian shipyard that specializes in commercial water-jet boats that are in service around the world. The hull ca be configured as passengers vessels, fishing boats or work boats that will significantly outperform conventional propeller and shaft system.

Explorathor boats and vessels have been test proven in all water conditions and meetTransport Canada or Bureau VERITAS code for high speed craft.

The design of Explorathor (aluminium boat -Vessel ) is the result of many years of research and development and testing and innovation in our shipyard's own research departmnet. Manyof our technical achievements are patented designs and processes.

Explorathor is a unique, competitive and economical boat to operate in any confirguration as...

  • A passenger vessel or tour boat
  • A rigid Inflatable Boat ( RIB )
  • A rigid collar boat ( D shape aluminium collar )
  • A tug boat
  • A fast fishing vessel

The explorathor

The Explorathor is powered by our own Alpha Power jet drive system and can be equipped with an optional glass top or a variety of other customized accessories to suit the owner's purposes. . We can provide & install any kind of power and propultion configurations and accessory packages applicable to passengers, small ferry, work boat or institutional use.

We design and build our own Click & Go boat trailers that are engineered for any type of boats.