Passengers vessels FAQ
Fishing and Work Boats FAQ
Alpha Power Jet Drives FAQ

Passengers vessels FAQ:

1- How many Passengers could Explorathor carry ?

From 12 pax on small craft and up to 300

2-What kind of engines do you install ?

We choose motorisation and propultion package to be in perfect match with customer needs and specific oparation requierements. Diesel engines, gazoline engines,Inboard-outboard, Outbord engine, electrical engine. Jet drive or propeller.

3-Could we choose engine ?

We got no restriction on engines choice., we want to provide in your location access to the better ''after sale'' service for boats's engines.

4- What is Explorathor classification ?
In Canada , we meet Transport Canada regulation applying for passengers. In addition Explorathor are Bureau Veritas type approuval.
5-Could you meet other classification?
Yes, we have several boats sold out of Canada in Northern Europe, Mexico, Chile. The Explorathor can be builted in USA.
6-What is the speed of Explorathor passenger vessel ?
Speed up to 35 knots. More speed on request.
7- What is the fuel consumption ?
That is a very important point for your operational buget . We are please to present independent test of proven fuel consumption. Proven : Explorathor consume 25 % less.

Fishing and Work Boats FAQ.

1- What is Explorathor seaworthiness ?

Proven:The greater stability of Explorathor zodiac type boat make it easy for her to stay longer at sea to fish, even when regular fishing boat have came back due to bad weather condition.

2-What do you means by Work-Fishing boat ?

We means that is it the most versatile boat known in the market. For exemple ,she is going to fish in the morning at 30- 33 knots, and she came back with 5 tons of fish at 25-27 knots. The day after with the same boat you could push a barge of 65 tons at 4 knots (900 rpm) without cavitation problems.

3-What kind of fishing equipment can be installed ?

For any project, we meet exact expectation of our customers.request That is the perfect way to guarantied your satisfaction

Alpha Power Jet Drives FAQ

1- Towing Capability and High Speed Effiency; how can these two objectives be atteined in One Single Propulsion Unit?

Our jet drives are designed to avoid cavitation at low speed. A propeller is designed to give maximum performance and to load the engine at a certain speed. At low speed , the engine of a high speed craft will be overload and vice versa for a towing vessel. The towing propeller size and pitch are designed to submit a high trust with a low speed. But since a jet act as a pump, speed is not a factor of the effiency. However, at low speed your jet will provide you with a lot of power and will also give you access to a very high speed.

2- How can you get any Weight Saving using Stainless Steel compared to Aluminium?

Most jet drives are made of aluminium castings. These are subjected to corrosion, cracking and casting imperfections. To minimize these risk, a lot of weight is added by increasing the casting ticknesses. Stainless steel offer more resistance to corrosion and can rely on better mechanical properties which allows us minimize the ticknesses.

3- How can you save on Installation Cost?

Every unit is shipped with all accessories installed and tested. It include steering & bucket hydraulic system. All you have to perform is bolting the unit to the hull and transom and then to connect hydraulic hoses,morse cables and drive shaft. No bracket for steering cylinder, pump or linkage reservoir to install (Plug and Play).

4- How do you adapt for different RPM and Horse Power?

Our selection of impeller is offering about 80 different sizes, compared to 5 or 6 for the competition. We are then more equipped to suit your specific need, you won't have to perform any compromise, with our 2 to 6 blade propellers and 20 different pitch settings, we will take care of it.

5-What about Maintenance Cost and Life Expectancy?

We choosed to use only standard equipment when we proceed with the selection of all our mechanical components. So you may purchase your seals, bearings or pumps from any industrial part dealer . We use an hydraulic piston pump with reduced RPM gear driven ( 1.5 to 1 ) for trouble free operation. Our hydraulic cylinders are built using hard chromed stainless steel shaft for a longer hydraulic system life expectancy because of it's lower friction factor and corrosion resistance. Easy access to every parts reduce the need to contact specialized dealer to repair or renew so you can save time and money.

6- Is the jet approved by any Classification Society?

Yes, Type approval by Bureau Veritas.

7- Is your jet subjected to speed reduction under loaded condition?

We are a lot more resistant to speed loss due to weight increase than any other company. This is due to our volume of water and to the the elocity of the fluid at the end of the nozzle.