The Explorathor :

Are highly manoeuvrable commercial vessels (boat) that weight 20 % less than any comparable boat and consume 25% less fuel than any vessel (boat) in its class.

The R & D program conducted by RTMC deliver the unique Lightweight Glass top. RTMC developed and builds Alpha Power jet drive system offering greater thrust at lower speed while maintaining high speeds at lower rpm when boat is loaded.

The hull and deck are built among Stronlite construction method using Fabrilite aluminium extrusions, minimizing the amount of weld required. The ends product results in less heat distortion and lighter weight in the hull.

The boat owner obtains a more efficient boat.

The result is in smaller engines and lower fuel consumption: A true Economic vessel with lower capital cost and operation fees.

The hull design is unique in the world of aluminium boats or vessels, and RTMC maintain some flexibility to customise general arrangement and equipments choice to suit with customer needs.

Explorathor have been custom built for uses as fishing boats and work boats.

The unique SPACE AGE DESIGN and technical advancements satisfies Canadian Coats Guard (Transport Canada) and Bureau VERITAS standards for high speed craft.

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