This exceptional aluminium RIB, is Conventional inflatable tubing neoprene hypallon with deep V hull design. He combine sea going capacity and comfort for safest operation. This UNIQUE Commercial construction is builted to deliver positive buoyancy at any time using foam bags to fulfill hull cavities The bags are easy to remove when needed.

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Basics specifications

Zodiac type
Zody Explorathor.
Standard inflatable collar
Capacity  up to 50 passengers.

Dimentions For up to 24 passengers
Length 28' or 33' ; 8.53 M or 10 M
Beam 8.5' or 2.59 M

Dimentions For up to 50 passengers
Length 33' or 40' ; 10 M or 12 M
Beam 8.5' or 2.59 M

Hull Fabrilite Aluminum extrusion, Stronglite construction method.
20% lighter, =26% less fuel consumption
Unsinkable   Hull inside cavities fill with foam in plastic cells.
Collar Neoprene Hypalon 1670 DTX; 5 compartments.
Collar: 3 colors choice
Deck Aluminum diamond plate.
Paint Optional
Glass Top option

Removable light glass top protection, roof white color, Fixed lexan windows. ( not included herein)

Outboard engine
Optional , not included
Optional: 1 X Suzuki outboard engines. Model DF 175TXZ (25 in. shaft Counter Rotation): ( 175 hp ) or equivalent
Draft Less than 1 meter.
Speed About 40 knots with suggested outboards engines suggested.
Electrical system Navigation lights.
Fuel Tank 120 liters capacity..
Arch & Consol Optional pilot seat, windshield, and wiper, engines controls and gauges, electric panel.
Passengers Seats Optional
Navigation equipment in option Optional VHF radio, compass
Head Available on Option

Can be adapted as patrol boat , fire-rescue boat, , ambulance, diving or any other commercial operation