Alpha Power Jet Drives

  • All Stainless Steel.
  • Sizes: 356, 420 & 900 models
  • From 200 to 700 hp &
    from 2 000 to 3 000 hp.
  • More Trust per Horse Power at cruising speed.
  • Keep your boat faster when loaded.
  • Industrial Type.
  • Tractor type.
  • All oil lubrificated bearing.
  • Industrial hydraulic system.
  • All control inside the hull.


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  • Water jets are well known in the industry as having a high propulsion efficiency compared to other propulsion device. They have the added advantages of shallow draft, unbeatable maneuverability and ease of installation with our unique plug and play concept.

    The all stainless steel 316L construction produces a lightweight jet, 20% lighter than aluminum. Stainless steel also means that you can forget about the complex corrosion protection problems that would occur when using aluminum. The Alpha Power Jet is built to last.

    Alpha Power Jet uses single stage mixed axial flow deigned pumps with an unequaled high capacity. This allows greater flexibility in designing the jet for either high trust or high velocity applications, depending on the intended use.

    With this unique design feature, we are able to increase either the volume or the velocity of water to adapt to each application. We produce our impeller and jet configuration for a standard application. But with an infinite range of adjustments, we can surely meet your specific conditions.

    The APJ waterjet is manufactured using only corrosion resistant materials .

    They are manufactured from stainless steel 316 to provide greatest resistance to erosion, corrosion and cavitation resulting in maximum service life.

    They can be installed as single, double or tripple jet driving system in fiberglass, aluminium or steel hulls.

    New : 420 model, 360 degree rotation/thruster & propulsion. Up to 12 knots power 100 to 400 hp.

    Unique features of the Alpha Power Jet

    Our patent pending system is all hydraulic and provides the best control for jet drives. It is serviceable anywhere in the world.

    Every jet is factory tested with all controls fitted.

    All bearings are permanently lubricated for longer life.

    FACE SEALS:(7926 bytes) Silicon carbide material used for superior resistance to wear.

    Ease of maintenance is a primary concern.

    CAD design for laser cutting technology, simulated and checked by computer using the most modern aircraft blade design techniques.

    Fishing boat and passenger craft applications.
    Field tested in both types of services.

    APJ offers a complete range of fully integrated Control Systems for the control of the waterjets reverse and steering function.From simple mechanical to sophisticated electronic systems each waterjet model has several options to best suit the application and budget requirements.

    Jogstick Reverse Control (JRS) system is a simple and robust electro hydraulic control system that provides non-follow up, JOG lever control of the waterjets reverse with analogue bucket position indicator.This robust system is ideal for remote and rugged use applications.

    Rotary Servo Control (RSC) provides simple and exact mechanical hydraulic follow up control. Operation is by conventional hand control using push-pull cable to RSC input lever. RSC unit utilises de-coupled feedback system for quick and free lever movement at all times.

    Electronic Control System (ECS) provides a simple yet fully functional electronic control providing bucket, engines and gear control for twin waterjets or triple waterjets with center booster jet using single lever combined throttle and full follow up bucket control, with steering by conventional helm.

    Fishing boat and passenger craft applications.