This Catamaran Landing barge does have up to 8 passengers capacity or All ground ARGO vehicle style of 1025 pounds to works on any difficult access. Lightweight and manoeuvrable, this craft can be operated for diving, scientific fishing or reaches.

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Basics specifications

Model Catamaran Landing barge. 8 passengers capacity or All ground ARGO vehicle of 1025 pounds.
Hull and Deck Marine grade aluminium 1/4'' stick for the hull , 3/16'' stick for the siding and deck. Shallow draft craft.
Length: About 6.70 m or 22 feet overall
Width: About 2.59 M or 8.5 feet overall
Sides About 30'' high.
Open Cabin T top 72 inches width covering consol of 48'' width X 42'' high. Windshield inclined forward, 3 windows. One Wiper .Engines and ramp controls. Navigation equipments.
Steering Hydraulic
Power Two outboard engines of 50hp each
Speed About 38 Km /hr or 24 miles/hr in light condition.
Bow door Door-ramp of 74', width. Landing ramp moved on 12 volts winch .
Instrumentation Magnetic compass, tachometer, gauges, warning lights, bilge pumps. Horn, GPS -Radar and antenna, VHF radio, depth finder, and others upon captain needs, Budget to be added to selling price,)
Electrical system 12 Volts
Cleats and tow post RTMC standards